PDX Extreme Clear-Leader Snatch


Finally, a young-tight masturbator that’s worth cheering about! Pipedream’s Extreme Clear-Leader Snatch is a handheld see-through stroker that has a cute little cheerleader pussy and a clear stroking shaft. Watch your manhood grow bigger and thicker than ever before as you penetrate every inch of this tight, sorority snatch. Item Length: 6″ (15 cm); Item Width: 3″ (6 cm); Item Height: 3″ (8 cm); Item Weight: 11 oz (318 g)

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PDX Extreme Clear-Leader Snatch
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Finally, a young-tight masturbator that's worth cheering about! Pipedream's Extreme Clear-Leader Snatch is a handheld see-through stroker that has a cute little cheerleader pussy and a clear stroking shaft. Watch your manhood grow bigger and thicker than ever before as you penetrate every inch of this tight, sorority snatch.  Item Length: 6" (15 cm); Item Width: 3" (6 cm); Item Height: 3" (8 cm); Item Weight: 11 oz (318 g)


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Weight 1.02 lbs
Dimensions 4.500 × 3.000 × 8.500 in


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PDX Extreme







CL – Clear

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PDX Extreme

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