VeDO USB Charger – Group A White


This Charger Fits: Bam, Gee, LuvPlus, BamMini, SpunkyBunny, FriskyBunny, CrazzyBunny, Overdrive, GeeSlim, Quaker+, Earthquaker & Wanda

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VeDO USB Charger - Group A White
VeDO USB Charger - Group A White $5.33
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This Charger Fits: Bam, Gee, LuvPlus, BamMini, SpunkyBunny, FriskyBunny, CrazzyBunny, Overdrive, GeeSlim, Quaker+, Earthquaker & Wanda

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Dimensions 3.000 × 1.000 × 5.750 in


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WH – White


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