Nexus Revo Stealth Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager – Black


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Nexus Revo Stealth Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager - Black
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Our Revo range has been updated and is now better than ever! This new updated version has a 2 speed, bi rotational shaft that gently but surely massages the prostate as the 6 function perineum massager vibrates to give you simultaneous stimulation. You can control both independently giving you 34 combinations of pleasure! It is now waterproof too meaning you can take your pleasure to the bath or shower! Revo is fully rechargeable and includes a magnetic charging pad and universal USB cable, so no need for batteries! Simply attach the magnetic charging pad to power up. Comes with 1 year warranty.

Our Revo range has been updated and is now better than ever! This new updated version has a 2 speed, bi rotational shaft that gently but surely massages the prostate as the 6 function perineum massager vibrates to give you simultaneous stimulation. You can control both independently giving you 34 combinations of pleasure! It is now waterproof too meaning you can take your pleasure to the bath or shower! Revo is fully rechargeable and includes a magnetic charging pad and universal USB cable, so no need for batteries! Simply attach the magnetic charging pad to power up. Comes with 1 year warranty.

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63 reviews for Nexus Revo Stealth Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager – Black

  1. Islandor

    Will leave you drained, happily!

    Works as it says and the remote seems fine as well, hasn’t missed a click on the first couple of uses. Top of the line P massage, for health and pleasure! Been waiting for some company to do it right, and Revo seems to have gotten it ‘almost’ perfect! Would have been nice if it was fully waterproof instead of just “splash proof” to make washing it easier, or safer at least, but that’s about the only con I can find so far.Never had so much enjoyment from a device I bought primarily for its health benefits. Expensive of course but hopefully it will last some years, and compared to paying the price of ‘pro’ massage (never done that but have considered it), it would pay for itself in a month.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    I only hope that it will perform like this at all times

    Wow! This is so intense, much more than expected. I only hope that it will perform like this at all times.

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  3. Laurent

    Jouet extra

    Un peu long à apprivoiser mais ça vaut le coup d’attendre car une fois partie c’est l’extase . Pour mapart je l ‘utilise assis avec mouvement du bassin .J’adore , je recommande vivement . Devrais être rembourser par la sécu !

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  4. Amazon カスタマー



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  5. Vandar

    Won’t replace even with warranty

    Broke within six months. Company ignores emails for replacement even though they have one year warranty

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  6. Amazon Customer

    It felt great and I will definitely be using it much more …

    I received this the other day and have only used it once. It felt great and I will definitely be using it much more in the future. The size is nice, it stayed in place, the vibration is powerful, and the remote is a great feature.The reason for 4 stars is that shipping on this product was terrible. According to the tracker it took a week to go 20 miles. Then once it finally left Florida it slowly made its way to me and then USPS could not deliver without someone being home to sign for the package. I have order much bigger and more expensive items from amazon and this is the item that needs a signature? Overall the product is good, we will see if it was worth the wait and pain in dealing with USPS.

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    Four Stars

    Feels great to use. Slight negative is that it is slightly noisy.

  8. just some guy

    Five Stars

    Love it! It could be a little bigger, but it’s still really nice as is!

  9. Teddy Kim

    Five Stars

    What a surprising device

  10. The Virginian

    Would be 5 stars if it lasted more than 5 months!

    It would have been 5 stars if it lasted more than 5 months!


    100% recomendado

    Tamaño ideal, poderoso, versátil y fácil de usar . El control remoto te entrega total comodidad. En resumen un gran diseño y funcionamiento.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Sizeable but pleasurable 🙂

    The Nexus Revo Stealth does what it should do according to its specifications. It might be an interesting toy particularly for more experienced users.The toy has 5 vibration and 2 rotation modes, and is practical to clean. The charging and distance control are very good.However, being used to the Nexus Vibro, the Revo needs rather more space to accomodate. Using an anal shower and spray for the anus is therefore recommended.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    It works as advertised up until working again after a …

    It works as advertised up until working again after a use or two. I’m on my fifth one and it just stops working as always.

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  14. David S.

    Perfect Fit, Shape, Size. Stays Put. Very Comfortable.

    So far my only complaint is the remote will not turn the unit on initially. Once I turn the unit on by pressing the button on the actual unit, the remote works great. The remote is rechargeable via the same cord for the unit, so give it a quick charge if you’re noticing issues with it not working. Not a huge fan of the charging cable, but I don’t hate it. Hopefully it has a longer life than typical micro USB, but makes it difficult to reliably charge it discreetly in the bag as you have to be careful the charger doesn’t pull away from the unit.I find the size, fit, shape, everything, perfect. Relax and add lube and you will have no trouble getting it in or out, if you’ve use any similar product before. This is by far the most comfortable feeling product I’ve used. It’s just big enough to stay put and give you a slight full feeling, however not at all large enough to make placing it or taking it out difficult.I find to get it in, on your side with knees up to your chest and letting the base sit (hinge) on your perenium and rocking it slowly in like a lever provides the perfect angle and position. I was surprised how easily it fit. Very well designed, and rigid but supple enough to make the whole experience more comfortable, particularly with insertion/removal.Definitely stays in place, but haven’t tried walking around yet, however I’m fairly confident it would stay put. That said, it’s not silent, not even super quiet, so keep that in mind if you like to wear this kind of thing out and about. Has not broken yet, but if it does I will update here, for sure.I find actually sitting on it to be far too intense and laying down to be kinda lacking, so finding the right position can sometimes be challenging, so be patient. This probably isn’t unique to this product as every body is a bit different.

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  15. SeaBurpee

    Five Stars

    Great Product

  16. J

    Get it!

    Wow. I really like this! The rotation makes it feel like an actual finger. Great feeling! A bit on the expensive side though.

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  17. 赤ピ



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  18. Anonymous

    Too long and too thick

    I have a hard time getting it in, even when using muscle relaxants. Once it does go in, I can feel it poking the inside of my intestine, which feels uncomfortable and sometimes even slightly painful. It’s too long for me, so when I put it in and turn it on, it doesn’t stimulate anything, and instead just sort of sits there spinning and vibrating. Make sure how far up your prostate is before you buy anal toys.One thing it does do, however, is make you feel mega kinky. That’s what it’s good at, and that’s what keeps me coming back.

  19. Anonymous

    Great, when it worked

    I didn’t get to use this toy very much before I couldn’t anymore; after a few uses, I left it to charge, only to find that no matter how long I let it charge, it didn’t collect enough juice to turn on again.An unfortunately expensive purchase I could not recommend to anyone else.

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  20. Amazon Customer

    Three Stars

    I liked it wish it had a stronger rotation and vibration but overall I enjoyed it

  21. Frebru

    Pas très solide…

    Joujou extra mais livré le 4 janvier 2018, utilisé une 20ène de fois et la tête rotative ne tourne plus, l’arbre d’entrainement est clairement cassé.Sur le site, je ne trouve pas d’informations concernant la garantie…

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  22. ***

    Keine 6 Monate Lebensdauer

    Habe verschiedene solcher Produkte bislang ausprobiert. Dieses war aber genau das, wonach ich suchte. Der rotierende Kopf ein Volltreffer. Jedoch verabschiedete sich genau dieser Volltreffer nach nicht mal einem halben Jahr. Trotz guter Verarbeitungsqualität, gebe ich diesem Produkt nur ein Stern, denn für diesen Preis habe ich mir eine längere Lebensdauer vorgestellt.

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  23. Rhonda H

    Happy with purchase.

    Purchased this for spouse. He likes it. This was a good price after researching online & well made.

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  24. clinton gillespie

    Four Stars

    not the greatest

  25. Amazon Customer

    One Star

    so expensive.

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  26. Michel Robitaille

    Vs jouirez

    Super efficace

  27. Sean

    Remote control is unreliable, making this product pointless.

    The whole point of the product is that it’s a remote-controlled Nexus Revo 2. Yet the remote barely works. I would have thought my remote was defective but even the instructions for using the remote are pretty worthless. The only remote function that works consistently is holding the power button down to turn the toy off. Each button has about a 5% chance of actually working when pressed. I even tried fresh batteries. (They did make it very easy to replace the C-cell batteries) The massager itself is a pretty solid product.

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  28. mars3366



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  29. mark

    10 out of 10 When they go full water proof it will be a 11+

    This is the 3rd generation 2015 I followed the directions to the T.Mind blowing. There is a learning curve. I had one that was defective and the creditedback to my account.

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  30. Thomas Fahey

    Mind-Blowing orgasm

    This is a well-made product that is worth the money. I use it with a Venus 2000 hands-free masturbation unit from Sybian. The feelings are incredibly intense. While the cost of the two units exceeds $1200, the pleasure is so great that I would spend a lot more.There is a learning curve for getting the most from the Nexus Revo. You must move into a semi-seated position so that the tip of the unit puts pressure on the prostate. I have never used the Nexus Revo by itself, so I can’t say how it performs alone. The combination of the Nexus Revo and the Venus 2000 is an incredible sexual turn-on. I enjoy it with my wife or by myself.

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  31. Client d’Amazon

    cadeau ?

    j’ai toujours pas D’Écho….

  32. Rocker

    Unit stopped vibrating after 1 year

    I bought this unit nd at first it was great but as soon as the warranty expired the unit failed, the unit did not vibrate and Nexus did not reply with a solution.

  33. Yokan

    Kaputt nach 30 Ladezyklen.

    Bevor ich das Produkt kaufte, informierte ich mich ausgiebig in Foren und Rezensionen über die voraussichtliche Lebensdauer. Schockiert über die vielen, negativen Kommentare siegte letztlich die Unvernunft und Neugier über dieses interessante Toy. Ich hoffte, dass Nexus die Fehler innerhalb der letzten 2 Jahre behoben hat und ich lange Spaß mit dem Ding haben würde.Tja, leider scheint Nexus sich nicht darum zu kümmern und die extrem kurze Lebensdauer bestand weiterhin (August 2018 gekauft). Denn heute, April 2020, ist der Monat, in dem mein Toy nach ca. 30 Ladezyklen den Geist aufgegeben hat. Bei 183 Euro Kaufpreis tut das natürlich sehr weh.Wie ich jetzt weiter vorgehe: Ich bitte den Verkäufer um Rückerstattung meiner Zahlung. Wenn der Verkäufer die Reklamation verweigert, habe ich das letzte Mal bei Nexus eingekauft. Dafür gibt es zuviel Konkurrenz. Schade, denn mein erster Nexus G-Rider war eigentlich ganz vielversprechend. Sind sie kulant bei der Reklamation, mache ich drei Sterne draus und schreibe hier ein Update…

  34. となりのトド

    かなりいい 動かしている間 朝まで眠れないくらい


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  35. Roger A Smith

    One Star

    First on leak water, second quit within a week of use.

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  36. Mathew Hutcheson

    Five Stars

    Fantastic massager, feels great, the remote is definitely a plus!

  37. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Awesome product, performs exactly as described, recommend it highly!

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  38. Felix B.

    Netter Spaßbringer mit Schwächen in der Verarbeitung

    Das Teil macht eine Menge Spaß und fühlt sich fast so an, wie eine professionelle Massage.Wer allerdings erwartet, nach 10min. heftige Gefühlsorgien zu erleben ist hier falsch.Man braucht viel Zeit und Entspannung, dann klappts auch mit der “Explosion”.Allerdings gibt es einen Stern Abzug für die preislich nicht ganz passende Verarbeitung. Das Unterteil aus Kunststoff wirkt derart billig und zerbrechlich, das man hier ganz automatisch etwas Vorsicht walten lässt.Weiterhin sollte man ein Kondom benutzen, so reinigt sich das Gerät besser und es kommt keine Feuchtigkeit an die Elektronik im Inneren.Für meinen Geschmack könnte die Rotationsbewegung etwas kräftiger ausgelegt sein.

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  39. Daniel V.

    Four Stars

    good product

  40. Dakota

    Four Stars


  41. Terry


    Worked great for maybe a dozen times now it no longer rotates.

  42. Kindleのお客様



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  43. MARTIN

    Stimulateur de prostate Nexus Revo Stealth

    Je n’éprouve rien. Je vais le donner à un couple ami pour qu’il l’utilise et me confie toutes ses réactions. Ma femme n’est pas du tout excitée par cet objet.

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  44. no nameAmazon Customer



  45. Mr Mistified a bit

    Waste of time andmoney

    What I don”t like is amazon having this embarrassing product on my home page for review. And the only way to get rid of it is to post a review. The product broke after a month. I’ve about given up with prostrate massagers. They are a borderline scam.

  46. william goboff

    Dont buy breaks

    Stopped working 2nd day

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  47. PeeKay

    First off, this is a serious toy. I …

    First off, this is a serious toy. I am not saying it is not for beginners (I was one), but you need to understand that going in. Haha. Seriously, no pun intended, but that worked out well. This thing is fairly large and extremely intense.If you are a beginner, I suggest plenty of lube, a towel, and taking your time (while on your side) getting going. Or perhaps some pre-work to get yourself there. Don’t push it… I am just killing myself with the innuendos! But seriously, take your time.Once there, the inclination will be to go full out with vibe and rotation. Don’t. Take your time working up to that. This isn’t a race. And in that regard, it is the slow and steady with comes first (pun intended). It is about the build up and you can get there. So experiment. And do not expect this to be a 2-pump chump. It is going to take some serious time. But work with it and you will get there.You are buying a serious toy. It can be worth it.

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  48. Big Injun speed shop

    This product is AWESOME!! It’s rotating action stimulates

    This product is AWESOME!! It’s rotating action stimulates, rubs, and vibrates your prostate into orgasmic pleasure again and again. You have to adjust your hips to find the right spot for you and when you do, hang on for a nice ride complete with orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. The remote control Is a nice feature as it allows me to vary the intensity of the vibration from constant to pulsate and the rotating head has two intensities nice and gentle to OMG!! I reccomend this product and I also reccomend Taking the time to learn how to use this product as it is a wonderful and useful device not just a toy

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  49. Michael A. Moore

    One Star

    worked great then the vibrations quit on second day, very dissappointing

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  50. のり



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  51. citrus grower

    look out for charger

    micro usb hub inside charger button broke second use. unable to get replacement and unable to charge. great unit but charger is junk and not supported

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  52. Jody

    Not happy at all

    Lasted less than 5 minutes before rotating part broke. Should have listened to the reviews. Not happy at all. Was really good while it lasted but I expect much more from a company like Nexus.

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  53. peter kunz


    Decide for yourself

  54. ひろ



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  55. ltlts

    Five Stars

    The best prostate massage toy I have ever purchased.

  56. Frank

    Multiple Sclerosis? An answer to your prayers!

    This device is awesome! I have Multiple Sclerosis, and one of the issues I deal with is the inability to have an orgasm because of MS. A true medical condition called Anorgasmia, or Coughlan’s syndrome. My erection problems, also due to MS, are resolved with the medication Alprostadil. Still, no orgasms. It had been well more than a year since my last one when I heard of the potential benefits of prostate massage.With this device, it is like a whole new world for me. Not only can I reach orgasm while having sex, but they are among the best orgasms that I recall ever having.The Nexus Revo Stealth is a must have for anyone dealing with the cruel affects of Multiple Sclerosis.I have been using this during my receiving oral or vaginal intercourse for a year, and if I could give it more stars, I would.

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  57. R. Kelly

    Update 02/28/20 Much Improved Design (see end for update)

    Love the sensations, but broke after a dozen sessions (rotating tip “broke” and stopped rotating). I got a replacement (1yr warranty) from the manufacturer and the second one did the exact same thing. It’s been 2 weeks and I have not heard back from the manufacturer about tags 2nd one breaking the same way after a dozen sessions.UPDATE 07. 08. 19> approx 5 months laterA rep from Nexus, contacted me shortly after my initial review, apologizing for the delay, citing personnel turnover and agreed to send me a (free replacement) Sparta (not another Stealth). The Sparta performance was disappointing. It provided no real stimulation from a small moving nodule, I could barely tell anything was moving. But, alas, after a handful of sessions even that part stopped working! So, 3 Nexus toys stopped functioning after a couple of weeks.Pros: For me, the Stealth design was an AMAZINGLY, EYE POPPING stimulant. The Sparta is OK just as a stand alone, static toy (nothing electronic working).Cons: Poorly designed, short-lived electronics. I took good care of each toy I had and all three only lasted about 2 weeks.*When this debacle started I bought a Lelo Hugo. The design is not quite as eye popping as the Stealth, but it has been going strong for 5 months and counting…Update: Feb ’20: After the previous update (July ’19) Nexus sent me a redesigned, replacement Stealth 2. MUCH improved reliability. It worked religously for 7 months with regular (almost daily) use. The same failure occurred, the mechanism that rotates the tip broke. Bumping my rating up to 4 stars. So much of my experience revolved around speaking to the right person in customer service…someone who cared about the products they represented and stood behind them.

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  58. Amazon カスタマー



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  59. Client d’Amazon



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  60. Amazon Customer

    Whirling good time

    When inserted in my posterior it did as anticipated and I had an enjoyable time. A ‘delight’.

  61. Stephen Poole

    My toes curled!! AMAZING!

    One word to describe this toy? “WOW” it’s everything i expected and MORE! guys listen up! If you want to feel the most amazing pleasure of your life then you need to try this! i have 2 other similar products but they do not even come close, It’s easy to use with straight forward instructions, The Hands free remote really adds that extra mile and gives you versatility and hands free is the best am i right fella’s? The downside is, i can only use it for about 15 to 20 minutes before i go weak in the legs and my toes get cramped from curling and my prostate is tender for a couple hours after! this is one of the best toys i have ever purchased and i cannot wait to try it again!

  62. おっさんホイホイ


    すごくいい商品だな! 感動したものの、三ヶ月で壊れました。悲しい。。。回転音はすれども動かず。使い方が悪かったんだな。だから、回転軸が折れちゃったんだな、と深く反省し、2万円!の商品、意を決して追加注文。今度こそ大事に使おう。そう思って大事に取り扱っていたのに、今度はわずか一ヶ月でまた動かなくなりました。以前買ったのと今回買ったのと、二つとも分解してみたら、なんと、どちらも同じ症状でした。プラスチックのシャフト、回転軸ですね、が、ネジ切れていたんです。何人か他の方も、回転音はするけれども回転しなくなったってレビューしていますよね。使い方が悪いのではというレビューもありましたが、とりあえず道具や材料を揃えて、自分で修理しました!

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  63. Amazon カスタマー



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