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Real Skin All American Mini Whopper 4″ Straight Dong – Flesh

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The Real Skin All American Mini Whopper 4″ Straight Dong from Nasstoys. This Better Than Real Skin dong feels just like the real thing. This dong featuring a powerful suction-cup base is harness compatible and perfect for pegging. With the 4″ Mini Whopper, it’s her turn to make it “his turn”. RoHS Compliant. Phthalates free. Length: 4.75″. Diameter: 3.125″. Made of PVC.

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Real Skin All American Mini Whopper 4" Straight Dong - Flesh
Real Skin All American Mini Whopper 4" Straight Dong - Flesh $20.39 Original price was: $20.39.$14.27Current price is: $14.27.
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The Real Skin All American Mini Whopper 4" Straight Dong from Nasstoys. This Better Than Real Skin dong feels just like the real thing. This dong featuring a powerful suction-cup base is harness compatible and perfect for pegging. With the 4" Mini Whopper, it's her turn to make it "his turn". RoHS Compliant. Phthalates free. Length: 4.75". Diameter: 3.125". Made of PVC.


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