Glas Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug – Clear

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Glas Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug. The classic beaded butt plug in high-quality tempered glass. Features wide base for safe anal play. Features: Fracture-resistant, Hypoallergenic, Easy to clean, Retains heat and cold for increased stimulation, Compatible with all lubricants. Dimensions: 4″ x 2″ – 3.5″ Insertable

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Glas Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug - Clear
Glas Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug - Clear $30.99 Original price was: $30.99.$21.69Current price is: $21.69.
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Glas Triple Play Beaded Butt Plug. The classic beaded butt plug in high-quality tempered glass. Features wide base for safe anal play. Features: Fracture-resistant, Hypoallergenic, Easy to clean, Retains heat and cold for increased stimulation, Compatible with all lubricants. Dimensions: 4" x 2" - 3.5" Insertable


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Electric Eel Inc

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Category Description

Glass butt plugs are anal sex toys made of high-quality, body-safe glass. They are specifically designed for anal play and offer a unique and pleasurable experience. Here’s some information about glass butt plugs:

Design: Glass butt plugs typically have a tapered shape for easy insertion and a wider base or flared end to prevent the plug from getting fully inserted into the rectum. The smooth and non-porous surface of glass allows for easy gliding and comfortable use. Some glass butt plugs have additional features like textured patterns or decorative elements for added stimulation and aesthetics.

Body-Safe Material: Glass butt plugs are made from borosilicate glass, which is known for its durability, non-porous nature, and resistance to temperature changes. This type of glass is body-safe, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. It does not absorb odors or bacteria, making it a hygienic choice for anal play.

Temperature Play: One unique aspect of glass butt plugs is their ability to retain and transmit temperature. You can warm or cool the glass plug before use by placing it in warm water or the refrigerator (not the freezer). This temperature play can add an exciting sensory element to your anal play experience.

Lubrication: Using a generous amount of water-based lubricant is crucial for comfortable and pleasurable anal play, including with glass butt plugs. Glass is a non-porous material, so it requires less lubrication compared to other materials. However, using lubricant helps facilitate insertion and prevents any potential discomfort or friction.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Glass butt plugs are easy to clean and maintain. Wash them with warm water and mild soap or use a dedicated toy cleaner. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry before storing in a clean and dry place. Glass is compatible with most types of lubricants, but it’s always a good idea to double-check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Safety Considerations: When using glass butt plugs, it’s important to prioritize safety. Start with smaller sizes and gradually increase the size as you become more comfortable and experienced with anal play. Always listen to your body and use plenty of lubricant to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. If you experience any pain, discomfort, or bleeding, remove the plug immediately and seek medical advice if needed.

Remember to communicate openly with your partner, set boundaries, and establish consent when engaging in anal play. Prioritize comfort, relaxation, and gradual exploration to make your experience enjoyable and pleasurable. If you’re new to anal play, consider doing thorough research or consulting with a healthcare professional or a knowledgeable sex educator for guidance and advice.

Glass butt plugs can provide a unique and pleasurable sensation during anal play. Enjoy exploring the exciting world of glass toys and discover the sensations that bring you the most pleasure and satisfaction.