Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Cat-O-Nine Tails



Show your lover who’s boss with the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition® Cat-O-Nine Tails. One smack of the cat o’ nine tails’ tresses and your lover will know who’s in charge!

Length: 25 in

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Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Cat-O-Nine Tails
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Show your lover who's boss with the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition® Cat-O-Nine Tails. One smack of the cat o' nine tails' tresses and your lover will know who's in charge!

Length: 25 in


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Flogger: A flogger consists of multiple tails attached to a handle. The tails can be made of leather, suede, rubber, or other materials, and they deliver a range of sensations, from gentle stroking to more intense impact.

Single-Tail Whip: Single-tail whips, such as bullwhips or signal whips, have a long, flexible tail that tapers to a point. They provide a sharper and more intense sting upon impact.

Cat-O’-Nine-Tails: This type of whip typically has multiple tails with knots or falls at the end. It can deliver a combination of stinging and thudding sensations depending on the materials and construction.

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