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Vibratex Magic Wand Original
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The Magic Wand Original, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, has been the best selling massager/vibrator for over 50 years. This wand always takes care of business when you need it the most and will never let you down. The Hitachi Massager is known as the “King of Vibrators” and has gained major worldwide popularity through years of consistent design and durability. This corded massager is super strong compared to weak chargeable massagers made by other companies. The Hitachi Wand comes with a 2-speed motor that is powerful enough to satisfy your mind-blowing needs yet calm enough to cater to those gentle intimate moments. A high-quality design straight from Japan provides this massager with a 2.5-inch soft head and a bendable neck to apply the pressure you need and relieve any type of stress. Trust us when we say, you NEED one!
Comes with 1-year warranty.
Power Source – Uses a 110-120 Volt Electrical Outlet
Speeds – Two Speeds (5,000RPM LOW) and (6,000RPM High)
Weight – 1.2lbs
Dimensions – 12 inch length with a 2.25 inch head diameter
Cord Length – 6 feet
Warranty – 1-Year

The Magic Wand Original, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand, has been the best selling massager/vibrator for over 50 years. This wand always takes care of business when you need it the most and will never let you down. The Hitachi Massager is known as the “King of Vibrators” and has gained major worldwide popularity through years of consistent design and durability.  This corded massager is super strong compared to weak chargeable massagers made by other companies.  The Hitachi Wand comes with a 2-speed motor that is powerful enough to satisfy your mind-blowing needs yet calm enough to cater to those gentle intimate moments. A high-quality design straight from Japan provides this massager with a 2.5-inch soft head and a bendable neck to apply the pressure you need and relieve any type of stress. Trust us when we say, you NEED one!
Comes with 1-year warranty.
Power Source - Uses a 110-120 Volt Electrical Outlet
Speeds - Two Speeds (5,000RPM LOW) and (6,000RPM High)
Weight - 1.2lbs
Dimensions - 12 inch length with a 2.25 inch head diameter
Cord Length - 6 feet
Warranty - 1-Year

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85 reviews for Vibratex Magic Wand Original

  1. Cynthia

    Great improvement on the old corded model

    Love this wand vibrator. I have an older corded model and this is much better. I really like the soft head on it and the variable settings.

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  2. D. Novak


    I broke my vibrator two weeks ago. I’ve had that vibrator for many years. It was very sad. So, I decided to try the Hitachi out because of the reviews. It came today…and so did I. Oh….my….goodness. This thing is better than my last vibrator. Actually, I didn’t realize I had started it out on the lower setting. Nothing was “happening” and I was getting a little worried. Turned the switch to the high setting and . . . hello! It is a bit noisy but nothing like my last vibrator. Ladies, I would never recommend a battery operated device. They just don’t cut it. And guys, my husband always says, the best gift a man can give his lady is a corded vibrator. He even rigged a nice little outlet in my “naughty” drawer so it will always be ready.Now the attachments. I’ve never been one for attachments usually because they are just too small and don’t do anything for me. However, the attachments for the Hitachi are substantial. I’ll be using those from now on. I love my Hitachi!!

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  3. BP

    Has nothing on corded version

    I’ve had the corded version of the magic wand for many years and my wife wanted the convience of the cordless version so we went for it. What a disappointment. The first one we got lasted about a month before it would get really hot after a few minutes of use. Amazon sent us a replacement that we still have but rarely use. Another reason she doesn’t like it is the silicone head. In her words, it burns lube like nothing else. With the original corded version, there’s no issue as it doesn’t seem to absorb lube like this one. In fact, doesn’t even require lube most of the time.I think I’m going to buy another corded version just to have on hand because I do NOT want to be around if the other breaks and we cannot get a replacement ASAP!

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  4. Alys

    Changed my life

    I dont even know where to start honestly. This wand CHANGED. MY. LIFE.Okay hear me out. I’m very sex positive and active. I love using different toys in the bedroom. My partner and I have tried a variety of things and both really love a good massager. We used a little wireless one for a while from a different brand (sounds kinda like RurePomance) and I thought it was pretty great. Oh. My. God. That little thing was NOTHING compared to this BEAST of a massager. I dont even care that it has to be plugged in. It has so much power. Its made me feel things I’ve never felt before.We also ordered some little attachments for it so my boyfriend and I both get immense amounts of pleasure from it. 100000000/10 recommend it. You will not be disappointed!!

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  5. Dave B.

    Shuts off by itself.

    Well, in our search for a durable and pleasing massager, our search continues. Out of the box, it was very effective for both my girl and I. Perhaps we expect too much but after one night of an ample amount of use, our next use it began to act up. It definately got louder which was an annoyance when your trying to keep your bedroom activities as quiet as possible. It also started shutting down after perhaps 5 minutes of continuance use which definately a problem as you may be reaching critical moments which require that intense vibration. But I will say we had also

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  6. Lucia


    We used it with my partner for all massages . My fiancé and I love it. The cable is a little short but the quality is good .

  7. larry

    Good construction

    Easy to hold to relax sore muscles.Did not battery option. Multiple vibrations.

  8. Rose

    So worth it!!!!!!

    This product has been a game changer! I have a small collection of 10 or so sex toys and I have to say that this became a quick favorite and I haven’t even had it for 10 minutes! I was looking foreword to this arriving because of all the good reviews and I have to say; it was so worth it! One little thing I don’t like is the loudness. It surprised me at first but I can get used to it. It doesn’t bother me too much just because I’m home alone most the time. I’d say if you have other people in your house, just save it for when they leave or turn on the A.C. To drown out the noise. Overall, exceded expectations almost completely (other than the noise)!!!

  9. Jessica

    powerful vibrations

    The magic wand is pretty nice. It is very powerful, as it says. I almost always use it on low. I like that the head has such a large surface area, especially since it’s so powerful. If it’s too powerful, maybe you can try it through clothes. I think it’s fine.It does heat up and I get worried that I’m overheating it sometimes. The cord is alright, but having been used to cordless vibrators, I find it annoying at times. But I never have to charge it or change out the batteries, so that’s nice. I’ve had it for months and there’s been no visible wear or tear. I usually clean the head with mild soap in the sink afterward, avoiding the rest of the wand.

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  10. Nathan W.

    Used for muscle tension.

    Batter life is phenomenal! I use this daily, for about 10-20 minutes, and only recharge it about every 4-5 weeks. It’s speeds are excellent gentle stimulation for breaking up muscle tension, without being too aggressive. If anything, I’d rate it on the gentle side for hamstring and shoulder massage, but every time I use it, the day after I’m a new person.

  11. Liv M.

    Intense and fantastic!

    WARNING: Seller TenTech Gadgets delivered this in a simple bubble mailer, which the heavy box inside broke open, allowing my postman to have a clear view of my vibrator as he delivered it to my door. No stars deducted for this, and I have reviewed the seller appropriately. A vibrator is a sensitive thing, and I wanted to note that here, as I would not have ordered it from this seller if I had known they would be so careless with what might be a very private item.On to the actual vibrator – AMAZING. Really really powerful, which I love. I have had a couple of friends buy these, and they thought they were too powerful for … sensual use. I adore it, and I also love it for massaging sore muscles. My last one lasted for four years before the cord broke at the point where the cord enters the machine, as other users have shown. It did take quite a while to reach this point though.

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  12. Laura Lunday

    Don’t waste your money

    NOT like the original:(. It never worked very well due to motor issues and stopped working within eight months.

  13. Fredrick Black II

    Whoa Nelly! I am very lucky my husband got this for me!!!!

    This is one of those life altering gift experiences. You think you don’t want or need one. Then you’re gifted this Gift to womanhood, and then what I can only imagine was made for the Gods… and somehow has ended up in your possession, and now you live like them!!!Seriously, you will not regret this purchase.

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  14. Semanteme

    The Cord is a Problem

    Look closely at the 4th little enlargeable pic in the ad. You will see a good picture of the cord. Inside those two holes are to hollow metal contacts that conduct electricity to the massager. I have one of the rechargeable models (costs almost twice as much), it quit working and I fiddled with it until I learned that the metal connectors had broken in spite of being very careful when extracting and inserting the cord into the rechargeable model. So I kept the rechargeable model when I bought this one. Well lo and behold, the older rechargeable model works like new using the cord from this model. So now I have two working devices – the rechargeable one and the non-rechargeable one. Unfortunately inserting and extracting the cord from two devices will hasten the likelihood of the cord become disabled. Then I will have two massagers that don’t work for lack of a power cord that works.

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  15. Jared b.


    So…everyone knows that this “massager” is used for “other activities”….HOLY F**K!!!! THIS THING WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!!!!!!! I have LOTS of experience with different sorts of “massagers” and other VROOM VROOM items, but this joker right here BLOWS EVERYTHING OUT OF THE WATER. You don’t even have to be on the “right spot” to get a mind-blowing experience. The vibrations are so strong it will course through your WHOLE BODY! I’m legit guys!! If your sitting here right now, contemplating if this would be a good investment or not….CLICK ADD TO CART NOW!! You will not regret it..the most powerful, sensation building, toe-curling, body wrenching, juice flowing “massager” I have ever had. Do the thing…buy it, use it, and LET YOUR MIND, BODY, and SOUL BE BLOWN AWAY!!! (I’m serious…..I will never go back to all the other things.)

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  16. MD

    Works great, Wife love it!

    Bought my wife a different brand (knock-off) and she was EXTREMELY disappointed; so I went back to Amazon and found this one. The wife was still very hesitant, considering the last one, plus she did not think the vibrations of the cordless model would be anywhere near as intense as the corded model. After much back and forth, she finally caved, and I ordered it. It came quickly (actually several days before the original estimated delivery date!). We charged it, and that night my wife tried it out. She LOVES it! The vibrations were more than strong enough, and easily adjustable to your comfort level. Its been over a week now, and this massager has kept her extremely happy, and it has not needed to be charged yet; I guarantee she has used it for more than 1 hour (all days combined) and it is still going strong! She is super happy, and I would definitely buy again!

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  17. Aidan

    Effective, but inconvenient

    After my previous wand massager died, I decided I would finally see what all the hype is about with this thing. I opted for the version with the cord because a) I figured it would work better with a steady power supply and b) the difference between this and the cordless version is about $80. It’s a good wand massager, but it’s not the Holy Grail many people make it out to be. Honestly, I prefer my Lelo Smart Wand, which lasted me two good years before it stopped holding a charge. I suggest that, if you can afford it.Pros:A/C plug means you don’t have worry about dead batteries in the middle of usePretty easy to holdIntense vibrations–you will feel itCons:Power cord is awkward and can get in the wayOnly two settings, low and high, which should ctuall be called high and really high–having such an intense “low” can be uncomfortableHeats up quickly, even under the 25 min. advertised max. run timeLoud (but, most wand massagers are)I mean, for the price, I’m really happy with it. Without having to worry about a battery to charge, I’m confident it will last a good long while. But, you’re definitely sacrificing convenience (and possibly comfort) for that longevity.

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  18. AK

    Does the job

    It does the job as long as you use it in cold room and under 20 mins. Takes 3 full hours to charge. Authentic.

  19. Captain Packrat

    Buzz buzz buzz

    There are two big names when it comes to electric vibrators, the Hitachi (now Vibratex) Magic Wand and the Wahl Pro Massager.The Wahl produces an incredibly powerful and tightly focused vibration, which many women claim is too intense on the high setting. It also comes with a variety of attachments, some of which are quite obviously designed for adult purposes. On the other hand, the Magic Wand feels more buzzy, covering a broader area with a less intense vibration. Attachments are available for the Wand, but they cost extra and are sometimes of dubious quality. The Wand costs about $50-60 with no attachments, while the Wahl usually runs about $25-30 with 3 to 6 attachments.For those with feminine body parts, the Magic Wand is probably the better option (though your mileage may vary). As someone with male body parts, I find the more focused vibration of the Wahl works better for me, but there are some attachments for the Wand (such as the Humming Bird) which makes it a worthwhile purchase.If money is tight, get the Wahl, it’s half the price. If you can afford to, buy both! They each have a very different feel and it’s worth giving them both a try.If you do buy a Magic Wand, be sure to Google “real Hitachi magic wand” to make sure you’ve received the real deal.

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  20. H. K.

    Gone downhill

    I have had three other Hitachi/Vibratex Magic wands before this one. Every one of them were strong in the lowest setting and lasted 2+ years ( before eventually the wire broke and almost caught fire, smoking, tripping the fuse box, on every single one). I have tried other vibrators but like this one best.This new order however is subpar. Maybe they downgraded the motor to compensate for the smoke hazard on the older models? I now must use it on high to get anywhere. I wouldn’t use this for muscle relief. It is not going to last two years this time.I don’t think I’m that hard to please, but the difference in the old and new model was enough for me write this. I don’t want any more scary fire hazards but I have needs!

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  21. S

    Lower speeds kindve useless, good at higher

    I do remember these things being more powerful, but maybe my memory is foggy. Lower speeds dont really make a difference, but it’s durable and solid nad the higher ones are ok. Really thought it could pack more power.

  22. Hallow Noir

    The real deal

    It’s definitely the real thing. And it gets the job done. You’ll be extremely satisfied.

  23. galiosucks

    Freedom Hill LLC is legit, absolutely recommend for any sex-positive woman or couple.

    It’s absolutely amazing, The vibrations are definitely strong. Like, “Am I going to go numb first?” strong. I can answer that NO, you will not go numb before you fully enjoy the device, and it can lead to multi-orgasmic bliss as it’s able to overpower the supersensitivity some women feel post-orgasm, and press past that to one of the most amazing experiences the human body has to offer.To anyone questioning, I ordered mine from Freedom Hill LLC and it was an actual legitimate Magic Wand and not a weird knockoff, so everything I say applies to the actual product and not any of the crappy knockoffs. Buy yours from a reputable seller and not the absolute cheapest price. You’ll know when it arrives by the weight and quality of the packaging, as well as the product sticker on the end of the handle.It’s louder than your average battery powered egg vibrator, but from some of the reviews I’d read, I expected this to sound like a revving straight twin. It was kind of loud, but not in the way a cheap plastic vibrator is loud, with a lot of clanking and high pitched rattling. I wouldn’t recommend using this device if you have roommates on the other side of paper-thin walls, but your neighbors aren’t going to hear the vibrations, maybe the screams of pleasure, but definitely not the Magic Wand itself.The multiple pulse and speed settings allow one to adjust to and then change up the experience even if they don’t know what they want. the new pulsating and rising modes are an absolutely amazing improvement to this version over the original wired version, but I wish the “speed” modes and the pulse and revving mode were independent of each other as it stands there are 8 modes, 4 constant speeds, 3 pulsating modes, and 1 ‘rising’ mode, which slowly ramps from the lowest and most rumbling to the highest setting and back down again…On the question of battery life I can’t speak too much other than it lasts at least a half hour at highest setting, which is far longer than you or your partner will last, based on personal experience 😉 The battery charges really quickly (15 minutes to max IME), and you CAN INDEED USE THE DEVICE WHILE PLUGGED IN.This will not make your hand numb in the way a cheaper vibrator sometimes will, even with the increase in power the sheer size and weight of this device can be intimidating for a new user but it is ESSENTIAL to keeping vibrations on the round head of the device instead of in the handle. You can also really FEEL the build quality in the legitimate product, it’s definitely not cheaply made.I would lastly recommend getting one of the attachments to give very precise vibrations sure to satisfy anyone who wants to really ‘relax’ those hard to reach places. If you want “touch the doorbell” not “shake the whole door”What are you waiting for? BUY ONE. You will not regret it.***disclaimer, I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT RECEIVE ANY SORT OF PAYMENT OR INCENTIVE FOR THIS REVIEW. No free product, nothing. This was a damn good use of my own money. This is entirely an unbiased but GLOWING review. Thank you.

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  24. Wunntu

    NOT A PAID REVIEW!!!!! BEST IN IT’S CLASS! Nothing but Love for it!

    newest favorite addition to our adult toy box! Loving this thing! For those that are skeptical of the authenticity of this item, I can tell you that the item that I received IS NOT an after-market brand. The box does have the original ‘Magic Wand trademark/logo printed on it. I can also tell you that male or female, you (more than likely) WILL NOT be diappointed. It is rechargeable, fully charged battery life lasts through SEVERAL uses. There are various (all very pleasing) vibrations, speed controls & pulsing actions to cycle through. The head is firm yet has a very soft silicone cover that is removable so keeping it clean is not a problem. As pleasing as this thing is, there is one slightly possible negative for me, the length, coupled with the location of the power/speed/pattern buttons, both in conjunction with my small hands & not very long arms, I have to use both hands, (if I’m controlling the massager), when I want to change the settings., Of course my husband doesn’t have a problem when he’s controlling the functions. So, depending on how it’s being used, whose controlling it & on what part of the body is receiving the pleasure, that can be a little frustrating, In the moment. Wink wink. Being able to hold, control & change settings with a single hand would be ideal but other than that… I have nothing but love for this thing! Oh and it’s great for massaging sore muscles as well.

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  25. Silverlock

    … would be a knock-off (because the price was so good! ) or that it wouldn’t hold up to …

    I was worried purchasing this that it either would be a knock-off (because the price was so good!) or that it wouldn’t hold up to the corded HV-260 I already own. Fortunately, both fears were unfounded.What I received was definitely the real McCoy. And it holds up very well against the corded HV-260! One of my biggest complaints about the HV-260 is it only has 2 speeds, and they’re not that different. The HV-270’s 4 speeds are much more useful. The 4 patterns are OK. I enjoy at least 2 of them, maybe the other 2 will grow on me. I’m slightly disappointed it only has 4 patterns, It’s just SO EASY to program 7, 13, etc. At some point there’s no reason to add more, but more than 4 would have been nice. But, that’s a very minor complaint and not enough for me to take off a star. Maybe a 1/2 star, but that’s not an option.I haven’t had the HV-270 long enough to test the batter life or have any idea about the ruggedness or longevity, but it feels solid. Would definitely recommend if you want something a little more portable than the HV-260.

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  26. Amazon Customer

    “Authentic” seems like a stretch. This is no where near as good as the original magic wand

    Ive owned many magic wands, old and new (look, ive got a bad back) and this one is no where near the quality of older models. It advertises itself as being corded and not having to worry about battery life, but its literally just the cordless version with slight changes. If you have it on high for more than a few minutes it seems to slow down, sputter out and then die. Then it needs to sit and I guess recharge?? My older corded wands could go almost indefinitely until it overheated. This thing shuts off when its still cooler than a fresh cop of hot tea. Would not recommend for those looking for the “Authentic” magic wand experience.

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  27. merlin80232

    It’s a bit top heavy but… The settings are great!

    I have used this for neck aches, lower back aches and for just plain ‘ol sore muscles. It holds a charge very well. Fairly “sleek” and fits in my hand well (unlike other powerful massagers). I would definitely recommend

  28. Marcus

    12 month warranty is false advertisement

    This started acting up, stopping and having to hit it to get it started after about 9 months. Quit altogether before 11 months. Supposed to have 12 month warranty. After searching (not easily found) Amazon customer support I was directed to some other Amazon distribution cite for this item. I followed the prompts, completed the form and it’s been over a week and nada! Not even a confirmation that this is in process. Won’t buy this again.

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  29. Andrew

    Not what I hoped for, but it’s ok

    I bought this after a recommendation as the best personal massager—because I had a sore shoulder and wanted to massage it. This is not the most popular use, nor the use that earned it such a good review. It does provide a nice massage for sore muscles, but not the best, and a little awkward to use on the back and shoulders. I think the massage is mostly from rubbing the ball head on the muscle, not really the vibration; it’s about as effective when turned off. I ended up ordering something else.

  30. Amazon Customer

    This sent me to the moon

    Best vibrator I’ve ever owned! I never thought I’d be able to achieve such orgasms in my life! And then I bought this!!! The orgasms never stop with this massager! It’s phenomenal! Only takes a few minutes and I’m in outer space!

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  31. Siegfried

    Why didn’t I buy this along time ago???

    Almost instant gratification for men. Sexual desires are quickly satisfied. Within minutes. Once you know your different pleasure points. All you need to do is position the magic wand. Then let the vibes do their thing. Your hard or limp manhood will explode in sexual ecstasy. That only a man knows and feels. If haven’t cum for awhile. You might be able to have a second sexual pleasure erupt. Its even better if your other half. Decides to play. Teasing you. Letting you beg for release. The best thing about the wand. Both partners will enjoy using it. Just watch the time limit. Plus how warm it gets. To handle that. Just keep the foreplay going. Until it has cooled down enough for another bout of sexual pleasure. I highly recommend this magic wand. Enjoy!!

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  32. Dirty Bob

    I’ve had it for about 6 months now and we’re definitely glad we decided to get it

    We’ve been using the cord version of this for years now. I finally decided to buy my wife this for Christmas last year. I’ve had it for about 6 months now and we’re definitely glad we decided to get it.I was a little worried about the power of the cordless. My wife says it’s stronger. She would be the one to know.As far as the battery is concerned, it seems to last every session with it. If we don’t charge it between days though it seems weaker, but not dead. We just charge it after every use.The material of the head is different than the cord version. It has much more of a medical grade smooth silicone. It feels much softer to the touch to me, rather than a solid rubber feel of the old one.Having multiple settings is nice to start things off slower than increase. We haven’t messed around with the patterns much, it’s never really been our thing.Not having the cord limiting you or in your way is definitely worth the money though. I don’t think we could ever go back now. All I know is if they were to announce they would stop making these, I’d buy at least 10 if not more to ensure we’ll always have them for the rest of our lifetime. Not that one has ever died, but this is important!

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  33. Jeremy

    Yeeesssir! This will rub you the right way!

    Over a year on this one and going strong. Do yourself a favor and get the speed control switch with the knob to route this through. It gives you a ton more control over intensity.

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  34. Linda Fuller

    The Best

    Still the best my old one wore out and was worried about the new model! No need to worry still a Great product

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  35. Loving how I can get almost anything from Amazon

    This is a pretty good product.

    I’m using this for its eas of mobility, it can travel with me. I’m going through cancer and I have been using it for pain relief. I wanted something I could use on the road between trips to doctor. I don’t really care for the rubber they use. The corded Hitachi wand has the best covering I think. This rubber reminds me of what capped the toes of my shoes when I was in elementary school. I laid it down on my wife’s vanity and it picked up a lot of hair. But beyond that, I can’t complain about the product. It works well for what I ordered it for.

  36. Some Guy

    Not Authentic…

    Don’t let the title and other users reviewing this, but this item isn’t an authentic wand. Review the manufacturers page [magicwandoriginal dot com slash authenticity] and review the image for the Plus unit. The main image for this product page (at time of writing) is the correct image for an authentic unit, however the second and last images for the product with it saying “Magic Wand” and not “magicwand” are what showed up.Having just unboxed it, it seems to be acceptable, however by no means is this is an authentic unit.

  37. Jennifer and Tony Warren


    4 speeds, Low, Medium, OMG, and Jackhammer! This massager will satisfy

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  38. Kami K

    Great tool!

    Worth buying!!

  39. SG

    Does what it’s supposed to but is pretty heavy .

    Great battery life, works as it should. Recommend with exception of weight- product is heavy.

  40. Amazon Customer

    Not saying they’re no good products but they can’t keep up with us

    Okay so Boyfriend and I have bought four of these. Unfortunately we’ve broken each one in three months of use. Not saying they’re no good products but they can’t keep up with us. It is enjoyable but ours….the mechanics to the head breaks from the motor. We’ve even thought of fixing one but it was a pain. The motor seems to become we from squirt or lube. It is a great toy! Try it. Just know if you use it a lot the motor will die. Hopefully you’re using it with a partner but even if you’re using it along I’m sure it’ll burn out quick. Personally I love the vibration settings, wish there were more then two, but they’re awesome paired up with a toy or hand. Just know if it is used more then once in a while it’ll burn out quick. At this point I should probably buy stock in the company.

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  41. Liz

    Worth itttt!

    First off, for this price you cannot beat the quality of this product. I’ve spent twice as much on massagers that couldn’t even match this wand’s first speed.My partner and I love it, it’s a complete game changer in and out the bedroom, because let’s not forget, it’s a massager! It works wonders all over the body and miracles on your sweet spots.If you’re someone who has a hard time climaxing or feel like you never fully finish, like I was, this will absolutely get you there.I dont wanna run on too long, so I fully recommend this product and cant stress enough. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME LOOKING FOR BETTER, this shit is the OG.

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  42. Carley Dye

    Snatched my soul!!!

    Oh my god!!! Worth the money!!! Get ittt

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  43. Emily

    Broke within a few months

    Mine broke within a couple of months.. works well just wish it would’ve lasted longer considering the price

  44. Nature lover

    Replaced the same one I used for 25 years.

    Excellent product. Replacing the same one I had used for 25 years. Well made, and no other massager is as good as this one for my personal needs. Good robust motor, easy to hold, great size, controllable speeds, and easy to clean. I hope this one lasts a quarter of century like the last one did.

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  45. Robadob

    I actually use this on my back

    No, really. I use it on my back, and it works wonders. I have degenerative joints, including the disks in my spine. This means a lot of nerve pinch and nerve inflammation. Laying on a pillow with this at the base of my spine for 20 minutes gets me back to sitting upright again.You guys using these for “marital concerns” are missing out.

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  46. budget ear

    Better than a robo chair!

    This is different from vibration. This is massage with body stimulation of increasing blood flow where the massage is happening. Vibration is a novelty. This is therapy. I use this every day. Always works, very durable and not loud at all. I’ve purchased one for friends and even my 90 year old mother who uses it on her arm, hand and leg when they are sore. I am everybody’s answer for muscle and joint pain. Buy them one and they will thank you forever. The blood is your bodies lubrication or motor oil and it is just like putting ‘grease on a squeaky wheel’. Use this slowly not fast. It works best on the low setting and it gives your body time to increase the circulation. buy it!

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  47. tanner roberts

    Pretty strong

    Has a lot powerWorth the moneyKinda big and bulky

    One person found this helpful

  48. Summer

    A must-have

    Not only has this outlasted any other vibrators I’ve had, it is also the best of the bunch. it has various modes of intensity and isn’t too loud- but please be aware that there is some noise. The cord also has a nice reach.

    2 people found this helpful

  49. Glenn Summers

    It is positive and negative things about it. It’s still a great product

    Not as powerful as the regular ones. I don’t like that it has 4 speeds the regular one only has two

    One person found this helpful

  50. Katherine H.

    I’m gladly surprised

    I’m a long time user of wands, and a wide range of erotic toy’s.I truly thought this was gonna be just another one, and nothing else.After 5 days using it?, I can say: there is a God, who’s name is Magic Wand plus. Do I recommend it? ABSOLUTELY! NEWBIES AND ADVANCE USER’SUpdate 4 months later: still does the trick, but gathers a lot of dust in the line sides.

    4 people found this helpful

  51. Jax

    Good quality

    4 speed fits all needs

  52. [email protected] C.


    I was looking for a wand vibrator with more torque than the department store models I’d previously purchased. When I googled “wand vibrator,” I came across the Hitachi Magic Wand. What attracted me was the mention of Samantha on Sex and the City; I recalled the (uncensored) episode in which she’d pleasured herself with the Magic Wand, and I decided to make my purchase based on her albeit fictional endorsement.I prefer non-penetrative vibrators with a powerful kick, so I seriously looked forward to my delivery, which came in good time. I can’t say I’m disappointed, but neither of the two speeds quite hits the mark. I’ve achieved climax with it, but I can’t say that it’s the gold standard.In the course of my research, I came across the We-Vibe dual vibrator, developed and marketed by a former Nortel employee. While it falls short on its own as an adult toy, when employed with a partner, as intended, it hits the mark without fail, and mind blowingly so.I’ve always achieved climax with or without a partner, and have always considered sex toys a supplement rather than the main event. If I had to choose between the Magic Wand and the We-Vibe, I’d have to say, hands down, We-Vibe–all the way.I hope you’ll accept this feedback without censorship, as I’m sure many of your users will find it useful. Meantime, I’m enjoying both of my new accessories and recommend them to discerning customers.Best regards,[email protected]. As a Canadian customer, I ordered both (separately) from Healthy and Active. Customer service was excellent, but the U.S. exchange, shipping charges and custom duties/taxes added whopping surcharges I could have avoided by availing myself of my local adult stores. Word to the wise.

    12 people found this helpful

  53. Anastasia Parker

    It will get the job done ✔️

    Wow it definitely got me off more then few times , if you know what I mean . One dislike 👎 thing I didn’t like is it gets over heated if you was to use it for a long time

    One person found this helpful

  54. Rae & Jon DeMorais

    Works better than the more expensive items in the stores.

    I have bought the pricer versions of this product before only to have them break after the first use, unable to hand pressure placed on the head when held firmly against the body. Thankfully, I have not had that issue, much to my relief, with this wand.The wand has 2 settings and while it doesn’t offer the deep tissue impact like the newer fancier massage guns do, it still provides a pleasant vibration where ever you might be aching. It’s durable, affordable, and easy to use… everywhere. (๑°꒵°๑)♡

  55. Amazon Customer

    Stoped working within first 30 minutes of use

    Wanted to massage hard to reach areas of back and shoulders. Turned and used for 5-7 minutes – felt good and seemed to reduce pain. An hour later did another 5-10 minutes. After resting for a couple of hours, turned on level 3 (same as before) and it ran for 30 seconds, then motor stopped. Lights still on. Turned off, waited a minute, then turned back on ran for 20 seconds, then stopped.Amazon gave refund without any issues, but I’d like to get a working product, so I reordered. We will see if the replacement works any better.Since I was asked to discard the failed device, I am going to disassemble it and try and determine the fault.Added 05/23/22: I took it apart. The device has the large motor, so it appears it is genuine. There seems to be a problem with the NTC (heat) sensor on the motor. Reseated the connections and reassembled. Seems to work correctly for now, but I’ll update later.

    2 people found this helpful

  56. UMIFA Serafing


    Pros:Very powerful.Does the job in seconds.Long enough power cord.Can add attachments to head… but limited.Works wonders :)Cons:Only two settings….powerful and extreme power.Purchasable: YES!UMIFA Rating: 7.65/10

  57. Gregory

    Great Product

    Helps with lower back pain.

  58. Jimmy Weda

    Absolutely the best customer service and magic device…

    Well at first I had a problem with the device and I contacted the vendor and they were absolutely 100% with the customer no questions asked it wouldn’t took care of the problem. Now for the device itself I doubt you’re going to find anything that will out perform this monster of a machine unless you get a cement shaker. At first we thought the first speed was a waste of time. It was like bubbly slow with like heavy shake unlike 2 thru 4 in my opinion. Then we asked ourselves who in the world would use #4. That thing creates black holes where stars collapse. Well, don’t underestimate those two. We began playing around with 1 thru 4 in different steps and the reaction of your partner or self observation. It’s like ordering at McDonald’s and saying “Super Size it!”. Play with it experiment with it but most of all strap yourself in for the ride of your life.Again, thank you so much for the excellent customer support. Without that we never would have discovered what it was like to be taken on the Magic Mystery tour!

    One person found this helpful

  59. Kye

    Won’t obliterate your junk

    For the longest time I’ve been using a massage gun as a vibrator, aka hard plastic jackhammering against my body because apparently I’m a masochist. I would sometimes wake up the next day with noticeable rashes between my legs. I was finally pressured into purchasing a wand because it’s softer and less rough on my body. Word of advice: no matter how much you need to get off, please get the appropriate equipment for the job, for your safety 😭 your junk will thank you.

    9 people found this helpful

  60. Kitten

    Just buy it. Trust me! 🥵

    Buy it but it buy it!!!! Why didn’t I buy it sooner?! Just buy it!

    One person found this helpful

  61. Strafford Engineer

    It’s the Real Deal

    I was concerned that this would be fake since it was about $25 less than the other ones on Amazon. But I am very pleased to say it not a fake. I compared it to the comparison pictures on the Vibratex website and it is the Real thing. I am very pleased with my purchase.

    One person found this helpful

  62. Anteater


    Wow! This thing buzzes something fierce at it’s lowest strength and has three increases in buzzitude after that. The Magic Wand offers a very nice jiggle and isn’t obscenely loud. It would be nice if it was cordless, but then again you would have to wait for it to charge. If you’re far from an outlet, just attach an extension cord and buzz yourself silly. I know these toys are typically meant for women, but I love the way it feels as a man. Good product.

    2 people found this helpful

  63. Elizabeth

    Authentic Magic Wand

    THIS IS THE RECHARGABLE MAGIC WAND, I CANNOT VOUCH FOR THE OTHER VERSIONS!!!!Thought I’d truly see if this was Authentic, so I decided to open mine up so you wouldn’t have to. My packaging seems to be different from the listing, which made me concerned on if this was legit or not.Please DO NOT open your Magic Wand, I am unsure if breaks the warranty. I took these risks so you wouldn’t have to.I am uploading these images to help people know they have a Authentic Magic Wand.

    6 people found this helpful

  64. Somtymes

    Strong and rumbly, but wide

    This is the trusted authentic Magic Wand, but can go cordless or use it while plugged in. It has very strong, rumbly vibrations. The higher settings get a bit fast, I like settings 2 and 3. It also has some patterns, if you like those. The silicone head can be cleaned with a soapy cloth, but be careful not to get it wet.If you prefer more targeted clit stimulation, note that this is wide and probably won’t do the trick. But there are attachments you can get for that more targeted vibe.It’s fun to put this against other toys to turn them into vibrators. Or try strapping it to a pillow and grinding on it. Wild ride indeed. Leaves me twitching for minutes after.The price was great compared to other retailers. Great deal if you’re looking to get that classic wand experience.

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  65. Odethious

    This…. TOOL…. is your wingman.

    Disclaimer: I mainly use the magicwand with my girlfriend and I don’t normally write reviews. This is an exception due to how good this product is.Before this tool, I had to spend a lot of time on foreplay due to issues pertaining to my size, which I don’t mind as foreplay is fun. The problem comes when you are trying to have a bit of fun with your girlfriend/wife/fwb but you also have something urgent to do in the next 30 minutes. With this tool, your girlfriend will be “ready” very quickly. I lived without the possibility of a quickie for years before seeing this product recommended on a subreddit for people with similar issues as me.If I knew how good it was before buying it, I would easily pay 5 times or more for it, it is that good.If you are a man with similar size issues, I recommend this product over anything else.It also works as a standalone vibrator for your partner if you are busy with work/school and can’t really tend to him/her.Highly recommend 10/5 stars.

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  66. Susanne’s trapped Seas 1242

    Item stops working, I have to restart it.

    Item stops working, I have to restart it.

  67. Terry and Kaileigh Gabell


    This product is so great. It will make all your ache and pains go away! Easy to clean.

  68. Jennifer Farmer


  69. Justin


    Exactly what was looking for

    One person found this helpful

  70. SIMON H

    authorize magic wands

    happy with my purchase

  71. Grant

    Does its job well

    The intended user of this product is very happy with the explosive results!

    One person found this helpful

  72. Magicreyblue

    Really good

    My wife and i really enjoyed this

  73. Sunflower2499

    It’s the original!

    This is the Original Magic Wand. How do I know? I had one for many years that died and ordered another not realizing that there were knock offs out there. This wand is not lightweight and nor plastic. The speed on this wand as fast as my other wand can do the job in a respectable amount of time. The flimsy knock off doesn’t have the power. It’s loud but, oh well. Make sure you use lubrication or you might find yourself in a heap of pain. I’d also suggest cleaning the product after each use. The head pops off so there is no need to submerge the head. It may have other uses, I have yet to try. Make sure you order the one manufactured by VIBREX as Hitachi gave the license to make the product. ENJOY!!!

    2 people found this helpful

  74. Stan

    Miracle product! Order with male attachment

    Got Ed no Viagra needed. Works every time! Easy to keep clean, durable, and powerful. I had pretty much given up until I found this device. I get relief within 5 minutes. Just plug it in, put the attachment on (use Astroglide; just a little bit for smooth comfortable fit), relax and let the device do all the work. Hold the device in place (no need to move it), Never thought this was possible!

  75. 100%MUT

    Wish I had this a long time ago. Marital bliss!

    Buy this for your lady, buy it for yourself, get some attachments, and let the good times roll! This is probably one of those basic pieces everyone should have. It’s a little clunky, and I probably should have paid a little extra for cordless, but it never disappoints. There aren’t a lot of discrete toys for guys, especially toys that can be converted easily for a man and woman to use on each other.My biggest complaint is in regard to the power button and the increase/decrease buttons. The buttons shouldn’t all be so small and close to each other. There’s no way to know if I’m hitting the power button or if I’m going up to the next level, which in the dark can really throw the mood off.

  76. R. Tom

    Excellent high quality Product

    We are very happy with this product. It feels like it is of very high quality, almost industrial in design, but in a good way. This is a very strong vibrator, with numerous different settings that are available, including various random patterns and speeds. The constant modes are very good too, but we wish that the lowest setting was actually a bit lower than it is. This is a serious product for muscle aches as well as sexual pleasure, especially with some of the fun and unique attachments that are available. The round head also feels great all by itself!I love the fact that it is rechargeable. A single charge will last a very long time. Charging is easy and convenient with the supplied cord. I can’t imagine using the hard wired version as it seems the cord would be distracting and would get in the way, and that’s assuming that you are close enough to a power outlet. The extra cost for this rechargeable version certainly seems worth the price.This is one of those products that just delivers everything that it claims to be and to do.

    One person found this helpful

  77. Pj

    Wow! I Should Have Purchased This Years Ago!

    My first ever vibrator device.I just got this the other day. I only used it once, so far. Wow! It works! I’m mad that I didn’t buy this years ago!

    One person found this helpful

  78. Chris

    Definitely lives up to the hype.

    First off, I want to say I did a little bit of research since it looks like there are a million different “magic wands” out there and people reviewing them calling them fakes (didn’t feel like spending $80+ on some phony). In 2013, Hitachi stopped selling the magic wand and let Vibratex, an adult toy company, sell it so they didn’t have to associate themselves with this (extremely popular) toy anymore (they’re prudes). That’s why they’re no longer called “Hitachi Magic Wands” but are instead “Original Magic Wand,” “Magic Wand Original” and, for this model, “Magic Wand Rechargeable.” If it comes from Vibratex, you’re good.All that said, I’m a guy. And while this was my first magic wand, this wasn’t my first time at the rodeo in terms of adult toys (which, for men, let’s be frank here, are terrible; they’re more about simulation than stimulation so they only end up creepy, messy and flat out lame; I’m resisting the urge to go on a rant about this…). All that said, this thing lives up to the hype. And that’s all I really have to say about it because odds are, if you’re reading this, you know all the hype behind it—from both women and men.Day one and I’m convinced. This thing’s awesome.

    12 people found this helpful

  79. Amazon Customer

    I wish we had this when we first got married

    Over the years we’ve tried a number of sex toys and ultimately they all ended up in the garbage. They were OK but just not great enough to keep lying around where the kids might find them (my wife’ great fear).I wanted to make one last attempt and I was drawn to this because it isn’t an obvious sex toy – if the kids found it, it’s just a massager. So I ordered it.It was on my doorstep in 3 or 4 business days. I had had a stiff neck for a few days, so that was the first thing I did with it, and it worked great for that.I used it on my wife that night an HOLY COW did she ever enjoy it if you catch my drift. I’ve now had it for over a month and we haven’t even gotten to the attachments yet – we’re having plenty of fun without them.The one drawback is the power cord but I’ve got news for you – battery operated just cannot compare with corded – and that’s true whether you’re talking drills, circular saws or vibrators. I long ago replaced all my 18V cordless tools with the plug in type and have never regretted it. You get a lot more power and never have to worry about the batteries going dead at a very inoportune time.Buy this unit. It’s great for sex. It’s great for tired aching muscles. It’s ok if the kids stumble upon it.

    306 people found this helpful

  80. Paul F.

    This is not just hype.

    Got this for my wife..and the response could not have been better. It only took 3 mins to achieve total satisfaction. If this isn’t magic, I don’t know what is.

    One person found this helpful

  81. Trey

    Not powerful at all

    The mini magic wand isn’t powerful AT ALL, hard for me to believe that it’s authentic. Don’t waist your money.

    One person found this helpful

  82. Geek Reviewer

    Three letters: OMG

    Vibratex Magic Wand Original HV-260 is an updated modern and improved version of the now well over 30 year old classic Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R, both of which have inspired countless users to exclaim: ” Oh My God ! “Words cannot possibly describe what the experience is really like. Enough said already. Just try it for yourself.The newer HV-260 utilizes a modern electronic motor system. which is smoother, quieter, draws less power and thus generates less heat. Be sure that the product that you receive is authentic and not one of many counterfeits. This can be done by consulting many guides online which illustrate how to tell the difference . One we received from Amazon, sold by Monkey Sales Inc, was authentic. Recommend buying from from this vendor on Amazon.

    One person found this helpful

  83. Melissa D Sallee

    Ladies Beware!

    I have sworn by my “magic wand” for many years now. It is essential in my collection. It’s basically all I need now. It’s beyond bliss and great fun with a partner but I four warn you now… Once you try it you will never be able to live without it!

    2 people found this helpful

  84. Adam T

    Side-by-side review: Male and female comparison with the original wand + “power box”

    I bought this one because the original magic wand we have seems like it’s on its way out after 5+ years of faithful service. Like you, my girlfriend and I used the original wand with the potentiometer box (that’s what it actually is called) to get the fluid variable speed control. BTW, anyone who tells you that using one of these will cause damage to the wand is a liar. But…THIS IS IMPORTANT: You cannot use the potentiometer box with the Plus Wand! I tried it. It does not work. The Plus wand contains digital circuitry whereas the original is purely analog, so the Plus cannot be “hacked” in the same manner.She and I have tried both wands head-to-head (so to speak). I use it with the hummingbird attachment – which is the best thing ever to be created by human hands. She uses it straight up as-is – because she’s a madwoman. In both cases, USE PLENTY OF LUBE (I can’t believe I have to actually say that, but the evidence indicates that I do).At first, we weren’t sure if this was really an upgrade because we were looking at going from essentially infinite speed settings to just 4. But after all was said and done, neither of us cared one bit. Sure, you only have 4 speed settings and no pattern settings, which feels like stepping back in time in an age where every little $10 bullet includes 372 settings in the damn thing. But it doesn’t matter because they are the 4 *best* settings. I don’t know how they figured it out, but those 4 settings work perfectly to bring you through the relevant stages leading up to an unstoppable… conclusion. Neither of us could actually even last to the 4th setting. I still can’t. So you see, it’s hard to complain.But I’ll try to complain anyway. The one downside is that while the build quality seems sturdy enough and it certainly has a bit of heft to it, it also makes an unpleasant rattling noise when held at certain angles. Obviously, the generic advice “then don’t hold it like that” applies. But it happens at more than one angle, so it becomes difficult to avoid. It’s bad enough that the gf gave me permission to pop it open and go to work on it with a jar of rubber cement until that problem is solved. Wish me luck!

    42 people found this helpful

  85. Mary Ann

    It’s big

    Big and heavy. Not sure I love it.

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