Saffron Interchangeable Gag


Add the “shhhh” to sultry with bright scarlet accents on a black satin finish. Luxurious faux leather and your choice of bite ring or breathable ball gag make the Saffron Interchangeable Gag a versatile must-have for any bondage collection. Simply unsnap each side of the gag to change out pieces for multiple ways to play.

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Saffron Interchangeable Gag
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Add the “shhhh” to sultry with bright scarlet accents on a black satin finish. Luxurious faux leather and your choice of bite ring or breathable ball gag make the Saffron Interchangeable Gag a versatile must-have for any bondage collection. Simply unsnap each side of the gag to change out pieces for multiple ways to play.


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