Kitten Teaser Strappy Open Cup Bra & Open Panty w/Leg Straps Black O/S



The art of seduction always starts with a good tease-r…Open cup, super strappy bra & fully open panty with leg straps that circle the thighs.
One Size. Bust: 34in.-38in. Waist: 26in.-30in. Low Waist: 28.5in.-32.5in. Hip: 36in.-40in

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Kitten Teaser Strappy Open Cup Bra & Open Panty w/Leg Straps Black O/S
Kitten Teaser Strappy Open Cup Bra & Open Panty w/Leg Straps Black O/S $23.99 $16.79
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The art of seduction always starts with a good tease-r...Open cup, super strappy bra & fully open panty with leg straps that circle the thighs.
One Size. Bust: 34in.-38in. Waist: 26in.-30in. Low Waist: 28.5in.-32.5in. Hip: 36in.-40in


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Kitten by Allure

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