Kama Sutra Divine Nectars – 5 oz Vanilla Creme



The perfect treat for lovers- this kissable water-based intimacy gel adds an exotic, sensual touch to every romantic encounter. Apply generously where desired for a slippery, sweet, intimate adventure.

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The perfect treat for lovers- this kissable water-based intimacy gel adds an exotic, sensual touch to every romantic encounter. Apply generously where desired for a slippery, sweet, intimate adventure.


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Divine Nectars

**Divine Nectars by Kama Sutra: Indulge in Sensual Pleasures with Exquisite Flavors** Indulge in the world of sensual pleasures with Divine Nectars by Kama Sutra, an exquisite collection of flavored body treats designed to ignite your senses and enhance intimate moments. Crafted to offer a taste of luxury and sensuality, Divine Nectars promise to elevate your experiences with delightful flavors and enticing aromas. **Brand Overview:** Kama Sutra is renowned for its dedication to creating products that celebrate passion, intimacy, and romance. The Divine Nectars collection reflects their commitment to delivering products that offer both sensory delight and a touch of indulgence. **Key Features:** - **Luscious Flavors:** Divine Nectars offer a range of luscious flavors that tantalize the taste buds. Each flavor is carefully crafted to provide an exquisite sensory experience that enhances your intimate encounters. - **Versatile Use:** These flavored body treats can be used in various ways, including as a delicious addition to foreplay, sensual massages, or exploring new levels of intimacy with your partner. - **Luxurious Sensation:** Divine Nectars are designed to create a luxurious sensation on the skin, adding an extra layer of sensuality to your touch. - **Aromatherapy Benefits:** Along with their delectable flavors, Divine Nectars also offer enticing aromas that can contribute to a relaxing and sensual atmosphere during your intimate moments. **Variety of Flavors:** The Divine Nectars collection by Kama Sutra offers a variety of flavors to suit different preferences and desires, such as: - Strawberry - Raspberry - Coconut Pineapple - Exotic Fruits - Vanilla Crème **Elevate Sensual Exploration:** Divine Nectars by Kama Sutra aren't just products; they're an invitation to indulge in a world of exquisite flavors and sensual exploration. By incorporating Divine Nectars into your intimate moments, you're inviting a sensory experience that ignites both passion and delight. **Discover Exquisite Pleasure:** Kama Sutra invites you to discover the world of Divine Nectars. This collection embodies the fusion of flavors, luxury, and intimate connection, offering an avenue to explore your desires through taste and touch. Elevate your self-care into a journey of sensory indulgence. Immerse yourself in the world of Divine Nectars by Kama Sutra, available now on (Note: The provided description is based on factual information about Kama Sutra and their Divine Nectars collection, focusing on their flavors, aromas, and sensory benefits.)
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Category Description

Flavored lotions, oils, creams, and gels are products designed to add a sensory and tasty element to intimate moments. They are often used for sensual massages, foreplay, and oral exploration. Here’s some information about flavored lotions, oils, creams, and gels:

  1. Flavors: Flavored products come in a wide variety of flavors to suit different tastes and preferences. Common flavors include strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cherry, mint, and exotic fruit flavors. You can choose a flavor that appeals to you or your partner(s) to enhance the sensory experience.
  2. Edible and Lickable: Flavored lotions, oils, creams, and gels are typically formulated to be safe for consumption. They are made with ingredients that are safe to be applied to the skin and then tasted or licked off. This makes them suitable for use during intimate activities, such as sensual massages or oral exploration.
  3. Sensory Enhancement: The addition of flavor to lotions, oils, creams, and gels can heighten the sensory experience during intimate moments. The taste and aroma can stimulate the senses and add an element of excitement and playfulness to your encounters.
  4. Lubrication and Moisturization: Many flavored products also offer lubrication and moisturization benefits. They can be used as a sensual lubricant during intimate activities or as a moisturizing lotion to nourish the skin. Check the product label to ensure it is suitable for the desired use.
  5. Compatibility and Safety: It’s important to choose flavored lotions, oils, creams, and gels that are specifically formulated for intimate use. Look for products that are made from body-safe ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, and designed for skin compatibility. Read the product labels and follow the instructions for safe and enjoyable use.
  6. Personal Preference: Each person may have different preferences when it comes to flavors and sensations. It’s important to communicate with your partner(s) and consider their preferences and any potential allergies or sensitivities. Trying out different flavors together can be a fun and exciting way to discover what you both enjoy.

Remember, everyone’s body reacts differently to different products, so it’s advisable to perform a patch test on a small area of the skin before applying flavored lotions, oils, creams, or gels more extensively.

If you have specific concerns or questions about using flavored lotions, oils, creams, or gels, it’s advisable to seek information from reputable sources or consult with professionals specializing in sexual health or adult products.