Buttons & Broaches

Buttons & broaches can be a fun and stylish addition to the bachelorette party, serving as accessories for the guests and the bride-to-be. Here are some ideas for using buttons and broaches at a bachelorette party:

1. “Bride Tribe” Buttons: Get custom-made buttons that say “Bride Tribe” for all the guests to wear. It will create a sense of unity and camaraderie among the attendees.

2. “Bachelorette Party” Buttons: Provide buttons that simply say “Bachelorette Party” for all the guests to wear, indicating that they are part of the celebration.

3. Personalized Buttons: Consider getting buttons with the bride’s name or a fun nickname printed on them. It can be a cute and personalized touch for the bride and her guests.

4. Naughty Sayings: Get buttons with cheeky and naughty sayings related to the bachelorette party theme. Choose phrases that match the bride’s personality and the party’s vibe.

5. Photo Buttons: Have buttons made with photos of the bride and her guests. It adds a personal touch and makes for a great keepsake from the party.

6. Sparkly Broaches: Provide sparkly and glamorous broaches for the guests to wear, adding a touch of elegance to their party outfits.

7. Themed Buttons: Match the buttons and broaches to the bachelorette party theme. For example, if the party has a tropical theme, opt for buttons with palm trees or flamingos.

8. Games and Challenges: Use buttons as a way to play games or assign challenges to the guests. For example, give a “Dare Master” button to the person in charge of setting up fun dares throughout the night.

9. Bride’s Button: Give the bride-to-be a special and larger button that distinguishes her as the guest of honor.

10. Memory Lane: Use buttons as a way to reminisce about memories with the bride. Create buttons with inside jokes or references that the guests and the bride will understand and appreciate.

Buttons and broaches can be customized easily and are relatively inexpensive. They can be handed out at the beginning of the party or as part of a welcome package for the guests. Not only do they add to the party’s theme and decor, but they also serve as fun mementos from the bachelorette celebration.

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